Tags are a way to grant access, assign restrictions, or attach other kinds of metadata to various to objects e.g. worlds, users and avatars. These tags are in the form of simple strings, grouped together in a string array, and commonly prefixed with a namespace designating the type of tag.

Tags starting with admin_ are always assigned to the user manually by a staff. Tags starting with system_ are automatically assigned by the system.

User Tags

admin_avatar_accessUser can upload Avatars without needing the neccesary trust rank
admin_can_grant_licensesUser can give out licenses to other users
admin_canny_accessUser can access Canny without needing the neccesary trust rank
admin_lock_tagsUser’s tags have been locked and cannot be edited by the user
admin_lock_levelUser’s Trust rank has been locked and can no longer be changed automatically
admin_moderatorUser is part of the VRChat Staff team
admin_official_thumbnailReplaces the users profile picture with the VRChat logo
admin_scripting_access and system_scripting_accessUser can upload user-made scripts (Deprecated)
admin_world_accessUser can upload Worlds without needing the neccesary trust rank
show_social_rankToggle whether to show the user’s real social rank
(Deprecated: This is now a registry key and sent over Photon)
show_mod_tagToggle whether to show the Red Staff nameplate
system_avatar_accessUser can upload and publish Avatars
system_early_adopterUser bought VRC+ in the early period of it’s launch, around December 2020
system_feedback_accessUser can send Feedback
system_probable_trollUser has been reported multiple times and is (probably) a troll
system_supporterUser has an active VRC+ subscription
system_legendUser is an Experienced player and was active during the Summer of 2018
(Tag removed in 2022-05-05)
system_trollUser is a confirmed troll
system_trust_basicUser is “New User” (blue) Trust rank
system_trust_knownUser is “User” (green) Trust rank
system_trust_trustedUser is “Known User” (orange) Trust rank
system_trust_veteranUser is “Trusted User” (purple) Trust rank
(Tag removed in 2022-05-05)
(Tag removed in 2022-05-05)
system_trust_legendUser is “Veteran User” (gold color) Trust rank
(Role was removed in Sep 2018. Tag removed in 2022-05-05)
system_world_accessUser can upload and publish Worlds

Trust rank tags have an offset of 1 with their name, so system_trust_trusted is actually only Known User (orange). The arrows in the following picture highlight the offset naming inaccuracy. The naming system is because of legacy reasons. Visistors have no trust rank at all. It is common for people User and above to be missing the tag for New User.

Trust ranks

World Tags

author_tag_*Custom tag added by the world author, with the last word being anything; used during searching by tag
author_tag_avatarWorld will show up in “Avatar Worlds” row
author_tag_gameWorld will show up in the “Games” world row
admin_featuredWorld has been manually selected by staff to appear in the “Featured” world category
admin_approvedWorld has been manually approved by staff
admin_avatar_worldWorld was manually been selected by staff as avatar world (Deprecated)
admin_community_spotlightWorld has been manually selected by staff to appear in “Spotlight” row
admin_hiddenWorld will always be hidden from search
admin_hide_activeWorld will be hidden from “Active” row
admin_hide_newWorld will be hidden from “Recently Updated Worlds” row when updated
admin_hide_popularWorld will be hidden from “Popular Worlds” row
debug_allowedWorld Debugging has been enabled by author, allowing to see state of triggers
system_approvedWorld has been automatically approved through the Community Labs
system_created_recentlyWorld was recently created
system_labsWorld has been submitted to Community Labs
system_updated_recentlyWorld has been recently updated and will show up in “Updated Recently” worlds row if also system approved
content_sexWorld has been uploaded with “Nudity/Sexuality” warning.
content_violenceWorld has been uploaded with “Realistic Violence” warning.
content_goreWorld has been uploaded with “Blood/Gore” warning.
content_otherWorld has been uploaded with “Other NSFW” warning.

Worlds can also have a range of different event-specific tags such as admin_vket2021 for the Vket row, admin_muzzfesst for the MUZZFEST event, or admin_halloween_2019 for the 2019 Halloween row. These are not listed because it would be impossible to accurately keep such list up-to-date, and each tag is of little use outside of that specific event.

Language Tags

Language tags primarily appear on User profiles, with each user being allowed to have at most 3 language tags. Language tags can also appear on Instances, showing the languages the people in that instance speak.

language_engEnglish / English
language_kor한국어 / Korean
language_rusРусский / Russian
language_spaEspañol / Spanish
language_porPortuguês / Portuguese
language_zho中文 / Chinese
language_deuDeutsch / German
language_jpn日本語 / Japanese
language_fraFrançais / French
language_sweSvenska / Swedish
language_nldNederlands / Dutch
language_polPolski / Polish
language_danDansk / Danish
language_norNorsk / Norwegian
language_itaItaliano / Italian
language_thaภาษาไทย / Thai
language_finSuomi / Finnish
language_hunMagyar / Hungarian
language_cesČeština / Czech
language_turTürkçe / Turkish
language_araالعربية / Arabic
language_ronRomână / Romanian
language_vieTiếng Việt / Vietnamese
language_aseAmerican Sign Language
language_bfiBritish Sign Language
language_dseDutch Sign Language
language_fslFrench Sign Language
language_kvkKorean Sign Language

Group Tags

admin_hide_member_countHides both online members and total number of members in the group. Used for the VRCHAT.0000 staff group.

Useless Tags

system_neuralink_betaMeaningless tag used by Tupper
system_extremely_cool_guyMeaningless tag used by Tupper
system_stop_being_nosyMeaningless tag used by Tupper
system_notamodMeaningless tag used by Tupper
system_no_seriously_im_not_a_mod_how_many_times_do_i_have_to_tell_peopleMeaningless tag used by Tupper
system_the_tag_is_just_named_thatMeaningless tag used by Tupper
system_haha_you_have_to_document_this_one_tooMeaningless tag used by Tupper
system_legen_wait_for_it_daryMeaningless tag used by Tupper
system_cute_robotMeaningless tag used by Tupper
Never gonna give you upMeaningless tag used by Fusl
system_not_cuteMeaningless tag used by Fusl
'; DROP DATABASE tags; --Meaningless tag used by Fusl
'; DROP TABLE tags; --Meaningless tag used by Fusl
¯\_(ツ)_/¯Meaningless tag used by Fusl
Meaningless tag used by Fusl
we've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warrantyMeaningless tag used by Fusl
<script>alert(document.cookie);</script>Meaningless tag used by Fusl
eeeeeeeeeeMeaningless tag used by eeeeeeeeee
if you're reading this, you've been in a coma for almost 20 years now. we're trying a new technique. we don't know where this message will end up in your dream, but we hope we're getting through. please wake up-Meaningless tag used by Fusl
system_smart_fridge_betaMeaningless tag used by Nyx
system_hey_mom_look_im_in_a_git_commitMeaningless tag used by Nyx
system_trust_sussyMeaningless tag used by Squid
system_lizardMeaningless tag used by Afromana
system_me_I_read_themMeaningless tag used by Afromana
system_slugMeaningless tag used by Slorg

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