API Docs


Here you'll find Community-created documentation about the VRChat REST
API, an OpenAPI specification, and generated SDK's in several languages.

API Docs

The API documentation project allows developers to build features that connect them to VRChat. The documentation is written in a standardised format called OpenAPI, providing capabilities for automatic documentation and SDK generation in a variety of languages.

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The OpenAPI Specification defines a standard, programming language-agnostic interface description for HTTP APIs, which allows both humans and computers to discover and understand the capabilities of a service without requiring access to source code, additional documentation, or inspection of network traffic. When properly defined via OpenAPI, a consumer can understand and interact with the remote service with a minimal amount of implementation logic. Similar to what interface descriptions have done for lower-level programming, the OpenAPI Specification removes guesswork in calling a service.

The produced outcome is something of surprising quality and allows us to work quickly and efficiently in keeping the documentation up to date. Adding new endpoints or correcting something that's outdated can be fixed and downstreamed into all the SDKs in matter of minutes. This helps to ensure that even during periods of low contribution it is still possible to keep the documentation up to speed with the public API.

Open API docs

Getting Started

The Quickstart is the fastest way to start using VRChat's API. If you are a first-time user, it is strongly recommended to follow the Quickstart instructions. Focusing on getting your environment up and running, and getting your account logged in, allows you to start exploring and playing around with the data immediately.

Start with the basics

Additional Tutorials

Once you've got your environment or SDK set up there is additional collection of tutorials to help you get started using the API. This covers most common actions such as changing your bio, fetching information about friends, or even uploading a cover picture to a world. The tutorial library contains a series of guides for performing the most basic actions in the most popular languages. Please reach out if you wish to do something more advanced that is not documented.

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